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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Discover Polk Community Benefit District Board meets 5-6 times per year according to its bylaws, and may convene Special Meetings on an as-needed basis.

Unless otherwise noticed, board meetings in 2020 will be held on the second Wednesday every other month at the Academy of Art, 1849 Washington Street, at 12 pm. **NB: During the shelter in place due to COVID-19 meetings are held via zoom or teleconference, as indicated on agendas.**

In accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act, meeting agendas are published at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting via, and posted below. Likewise, the CBD will email agendas at the time agendas are published to persons who have filed a written request to the Executive Director using the contact form. (A request for notice is valid for one calendar year and renewal requests must be filed following 1 January of each year.) **NB: During the shelter in place due to COVID-19, we cannot be sure that the library is processing publication requests in a timely manner.**

Meeting minutes are approved by the Board at the following meeting, and posted here once approved.


23 Mar 2022 (Retreat)AgendaMinutes
16 Feb 2022AgendaMinutes
15 June 2022AgendaMinutes
28 Sep 2022Agenda


13 Jan 2021Agenda
8 Feb 2021Agenda
17 Feb 2021Agenda
28 April 2021Agenda
9 June 2021Agenda


08 Jan 2020AgendaMinutes
12 Feb 2020 (annual meeting)Agenda
11 Mar 2020AgendaMinutes
15 Apr 2020AgendaMinutes
13 May 2020AgendaMinutes
10 Jun 2020AgendaMinutes
08 Jul 2020AgendaMinutes
09 Sep 2020AgendaMinutes
07 Oct 2020 (special meeting)AgendaMinutes
18 Nov 2020Agenda

Additional materials for meeting on 10 November 2019.

Lower Polk CBD convened a meeting with Discover Polk CBD on 8 November 2019

2021 DPCD Annual Report