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About Us

Discover Polk is a nonprofit community benefit district whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all residents, businesses and visitors to our neighborhood. We began operations in February 2019.

Key Services

Our service area includes portions of 14 blocks along Polk Street and Van Ness Ave from California Street to Broadway (see map).

Our Clean Team patrols the district from 7 am to 3 pm each day, providing cleanliness and safety services above and beyond what the city already provides — including daily sidewalk cleaning, graffiti abatement, and pressure washing of trouble spots. Our team removes approximately 90+ lbs of litter and dumped trash per day.

We help businesses in the neighborhood to flourish through promotional events, activating vacant retail space, and advocating on behalf of businesses with the City and other counterparts.

We organize events and activities for the community to enjoy.

Planning Documents

The Discover Polk Management Plan provides our long-term roadmap and vision, including our services, assessments, and governance. The Engineer’s Report provides additional information about how assessments are calculated, and the district budget.


Discover Polk’s work is supported through an assessment on property owners, levied by the Assessor’s office and disbursed to the CBD twice a year; as well as grants and sponsorships for specific initiatives that we raise as an independent 501c3 nonprofit. Our budget for FY 2018-2019 is $622,000, allocated as follows: 57.8% Clean and Safe Program; 12% Marketing, Business Support, and Events; 9.6% Beautification and Placemaking, and 20.5% Administration and Reserve.


Discover Polk’s Management Plan and Bylaws call for a board of 11-15 members. Meet our current Board Members, and plan to come to one of our scheduled meetings. If you are interested in joining the DPCBD board, we encourage you to submit an application. Our Bylaws stipulate that vacancies in office be …”filled by a vote of the Board at its early convenience…” (section 6.4), and that “At at least one designated public meeting per year, the public shall have an opportunity to address the Board on membership on the Board and to propose candidates for membership on the Board.” (Section 4.11b)

CBD Formation Process

After three years of planning, Discover Polk CBD met the requirements for formation, with a majority of property owners voting in favor of creating a community benefit district in our neighborhood. On 24 July 2018 the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the Resolution to establish Discover Polk, following tabulation of ballots from property owners. The Mayor then signed the Resolution, and we were incorporated on 5 September 2018.