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Clean Team

Our ambassadors patrol our neighborhood sidewalks and public spaces from 7 am to 3 pm each day, removing trash and graffiti, installing and maintaining dog waste stations, and liaising with individuals experiencing homelessness. To report issues, please use SF311 — our team gets a live text message with the photo and report info, and the data helps us target trouble spots and advocate on behalf of the community with City agencies. Our team can also be reached at 415.481.2845.



Monthly Stats

MonthTrash - bagsTrash - lbsNeedlesGraffiti
2019 total1,95348,8441,182123
Feb 20191533,818
March 20192185,44522017
April 20191553,87017
May 20192335,82835023
June 20192285,69315
July 20192726,81044035
Aug 20193187,9500
Sept 20191794,4701725
Oct 20191974,95011