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Author: wpsmf5491

13 Nov Transition!

TRANSITION! Discover Polk is seeking a new full-time Executive Director to implement the DPCBD Management Plan, manage the portfolio off improvements and marketing initiatives, develop and maintain regular communications with community stakeholders, and represent the community in advocacy and communications with City government. The full job...

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Dog station in front of Wags near Polk & Pacific

29 May New dog stations

We love dogs! And to help reduce the mess some owners leave behind them, we're installing 10 dog waste stations throughout the neighborhood. Four are already up, and the rest are coming up in the next week or so. Our Clean Team stocks and maintains the...

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DPCBD Clean Team ambassador Sam hauls in the morning's pickup.

08 May Clean Team Stats for April 2019

We see those ugly messes! Our Clean Team's stats for April are now up. Also, check out our interactive before-and-after photo maps for graffiti and messes -- we're continuing to improve our reporting and tools. Coming soon: dog waste stations, cigarette recycling containers, and a powerwashing...

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03 Apr Clean Team stats for March 2019

[caption id="attachment_2967" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Clean Team removes 90+ lbs of trash per day from the sidewalks of Discover Polk.[/caption] Our Clean Team has been hard at work around our new district! In our first full month of operation, we removed 5445 lbs of trash and...

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29 Jan Opportunities for involvement-please consider participating

Discover Polk CBD Board has initiated four Working Groups: Clean and Safe, Business Retention and Recruitment, Marketing and District Branding, and Streetscape Enhancements.  Working Groups are flexible, advisory groups, who can strengthen the CBD by including the voices and efforts of community members. --For example, the...

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