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Board of Directors

Board members from among Property Owners, Business Owners and other stakeholders, many of whom have served on the Steering Committee for Discover Polk, were appointed on 5 September 2018.  Officers were elected from amongst their number by the Board.


Discover Polk CBD Board Officers

  • President:  vacant as of 31 August 2020

  • Vice President:  Tiffany Yang (At-Large)

  • Chief Financial Officer:  Christopher Bluse (Property Owner)

  • Secretary:  Judith Roddy (Property Owner)


Directors at Large (alphabetically by surname):

  • Michael Anthony, Property Owner (Maple Hall, Polk Street)

  • Ray Bair, Business Owner (Cheese Plus)

  • Stephen Cornell, Business Owner (Brownie’s Hardware)

  • Gilbert Hoh, Property Owner

  • Annie Yang Jamil, At-Large

  • Jake Levinson, Business Owner

  • Suzanne Markel-Fox, Property Owner

  • Michael Petricca, Property Owner Agent (Academy of Art University)

  • Luc Torres, Business Owner (robber baron wine bar)