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Polk Street Small Business Spotlight, Picnic SF. Plus Clean Team Stats 2020

07 Mar Polk Street Small Business Spotlight, Picnic SF. Plus Clean Team Stats 2020

Spring is upon us, and the City has pulled together to get us close to normalcy.

Let’s keep up the social responsibility, and we will get through this together!

Discover Polk residents and visitors love our merchants. We have relationships with our favorite bar, restaurant, or flower shop, and watching them struggle this past year has really hit close to home. Luckily, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

So, this weekend, stop by your favorite small business, pick up some flowers for a friend or partner, enjoy your favorite outdoor parklet.

Most importantly, continue to be responsible so that (hopefully) the next newsletter you receive from us will announce San Francisco’s movement into the orange tier.  Our merchants will be one step closer to their funky, flourishing, vibrant selves again!


Street Plus Highlight | By The Numbers


A vital part of Discover Polk’s Mission is to keep the streets clean and safe, and our partnership with StreePlus made that a reality for our district in 2020.

The work and support StreetPlus provides Discover Polk is not to be overlooked, and below are the numbers to prove it.

Statistics below  provided by StreetPlus:
December 2019 to July 2020*
Pounds of trash removed:
Hazardous waste73,163 lbs 
(needles) disposed:1,182

Graffiti abated (number of instances): 373

Linear frontage steam cleaned (sq ft): 115,000

Calls addressed for cleaning (direct calls are rare): 7

Call addressed for public safety 3




Local Merchant Spotlight | Picnic SF 
The perfect local shop to get all your boutique picnic and park hang out essentials. 


We want to hear from you! Discover Polk CBD is currently looking at ways our small businesses and residents can take full advantage of the SF’s Shared Spaces program. What would you like to see? More parking spaces utilized for restaurants and cafes during off-peak hours? Partial street closures occasionally to allow our retail shops and restaurants to serve us in the street? How about a “night market” once a month highlighting our beloved small business community? We’re all ears.
Email us at or call our cell, 415.999.5053, and let us know what you think.

Or give us a follow on social media and we will make sure to respond to any messages or ideas you might have!

Instagram @Discover_Polk

Facebook Discover Polk 

Twitter @DiscoerPolk

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