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Curbside transactions in Discover Polk CBD

18 May Curbside transactions in Discover Polk CBD

Discover Polk’s Executive Management team partnered with merchant and business associations and the D3 Supervisor’s office to petition City Hall to allow curbside pickups for San Francisco small businesses. As Duncan Ley says:

“We were thrilled to work with Supervisor Peskin’s Office to help merchants’ voices be heard, and we thank Mayor Breed for her willingness to listen and take action on their behalf. This shows how powerful neighborhood activism can be!”

The outcome: more of our businesses are slowly opening, for curbside transactions, pickup and delivery. We are cautiously moving to what may be the “new normal” for the next many months. As we learn what hours our small businesses will be open for limited contact, we will be posting the information on the website. For any questions, please contact Duncan directly, as he has his finger on the pulse of our district. You can reach him at



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