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25 Mar Community=support

If you’re like me, one reason you choose to live in our neighborhood is the eclectic assortment of small businesses, where you know the staff and can find just what you need onsite. No need for delivery, delay, or robots. Without our local businesses, we might as well live in the suburbs.


 Which brings me to the important message: We need to support our local businesses, especially in uncertain times like these. Restaurants have dramatically changed their deliverables (no pun intended), bars and retail have shuttered their doors, profit margins have been reduced to near nothing (if not negatives), hundreds of hourly and low-wage staff are now unemployed AND UNINSURED, just in our district. There IS something we can do: Vehicles like GoFundMe, online employee funds, gift cards and a clever gift card app, are ways we can contribute to the financial wellbeing of the people who stock the shelves of small businesses and wait the tables and counters where we spend our recreational time. It makes no sense to wait for government hand-outs. Let’s show our merchants that we care!


Here are a few opportunities to support, I will create a separate post to be updated regularly:


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