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Transforming Polk Street-one trash bin at a time

15 Dec Transforming Polk Street-one trash bin at a time

There is a new trash bin in front of Bob’s Donuts, one of the trouble spots along the Discover Polk corridor.  There’s another at the NorthEast corner of Polk and Sacramento (in front of Ella’s  Restaurant), and a third at the Northwest corner of Polk and Broadway).  Thank you to the SF Department of Public Works, who have included two Discover Polk spots in the 6-month pilot program for secure trash receptacles.  TO OPERATE:  You can pull on the handle or open the chute with the foot pedal.  Once deposited, rubbish cannot be extracted through the chute.  This is a first step in cleaning up our community.  Please tell us what you think.

The first three weeks of the pilot program elsewhere in the City have rendered positive results:

  • Little to no vandalism experienced on the bins  (the worst being etching graffiti on one of the bins at Leavenworth)

  • No evidence of people rummaging into the bins

  • No evidence of illegal dumping around the bins

  • The rat population at UN Plaza has significantly declined

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