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Dateline: 24 July 2018: THANK YOU!

02 Aug Dateline: 24 July 2018: THANK YOU!

Today the San Francisco Board of Elections tallied the ballots from property owners in the Discover Polk neighborhood, and reported that we had a majority in favor of forming the CBD!  The Board of Supervisors heard from supporters and one opponent, considered the election results, and voted unanimously to approve the resolution to form the Discover Polk Community Benefit District.


The volunteer Steering Committee and neighborhood devotees who have assisted throughout the three years of process to achieve this outcome are grateful to the community for your endorsement of our efforts to improve the cleanliness, safety and commercial vitality of the Discover Polk corridor.


In the coming months we will be formalizing our status as a 501(c)(3) organization and recruiting Board candidates to serve as fiduciary oversight and committee leaders.  Board applications and detailed information about Discover Polk CBD will be posted on this website.

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